May 20, 2010

New Challenge With my Sister!

Hi everyone, so I've mentioned before that I borrow carts from my sis once in awhile and she borrows from me. It's awesome having someone in the family who has the same interest! We are both cricut freaks! LOL!
So the two of us decided to do a challenge a week and just have fun and see what eachother come up with. I think we both have different taste so the projects will definitely be different.
This week Sandra (my sis) chose the Argyle card from Wild Card, her's came out SOOOOO cute! Click     HERE
to visit her blog-365 Days of Cricut-She is kinda a newbie to the blogging world so show her some love and become a follower if you like what you see! :)
So here is my take on the Argyle card:
I was going for more of a vintage look. I added lots of glitter and lots of distressing.
I usually don't make the envelopes, but she wanted that to be apart of the challenge..
So there you have it!
Be sure to check out her BLOG for her take on our challenge! Thanks for stopping by!


Audrey Frelx said...

Your argyle card and envelope are beautiful!!! You and your sister seem to have so much fun together!

Darien said...

WOW!!! These cards are Amazing!!!! Please visit My blog I have something for you!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

critterbugg365 said...

Awwh thanks Joanna! I really like your card too it reminds me of the Victorian romantic feel.

Cher~ said...

I love making envelopes for my cards now. I'll even use paper that I don't particularly like and use it 'inside' out so that it looks like it has a liner and the outside is blank for writing, particularly if I'm going to mail it off. It's a great way to get rid of papers you don't want any more - just use one that somewhat coordinates. You can even add a strip of your card paper to the blank outside to further coordinate it and bring it together. Your card came out great. I'd be lost without my scrappin buddies - it's even better that yours is a sister.

Ohhh Snap said...

Great card :D. Great competition. I introduced one of my sisters to the Cricut. Sadly she lives several states away, but I get to see her on the message board. It's fun to have someone else in the family who can relate.

Leigh said...

This is fabulous, I wish I could pull off the vintage look.

Creative Momma said...

Beautiful papers, Joanna...You are soooo lucky to have someone so close to you that loves to do what you do...I'm off to visit your sis blog :)

Janis said...

First of all you are so lucky to have a sister that shares your Cricut addiction - I mean hobby. I wish I was that lucky! Second, what a great idea to challenge each other like that! Fun stuff. Good times. Love your sparkly card. K. I'm heading over to check out her bloggy. :) Janis

flowerdisco said... the prettier I have seen yet. great job!

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