November 30, 2010

Natalie's bday, a baby layout, BBTB2 and winners announced!

Hi everyone! I've got a lot to share today so I hope you stick around! ;)

So yesterday was my daughter's FIRST birthday! Yep, I officially have a one year old! I can't believe it! Everyone told me that time flies by so much faster once you start having kids, and it is soo true!! I took her to go watch Tangled (she loved it and danced on the singing parts), we did a little bit of Christmas shopping and them came home and she had her 1st taste of birthday cake! Which went everywhere..even her belly button! LOL...She is such a sweet little girl and so much fun to be around! She is my little partner in crime and she just brightens my day! :) She actually just started walking a week before her bday and she is moving like crazy!
She looked so cute with this Panda hat on, I had to get it for her bday.
Told you..cake everywhere!
Natalie and daddy..
I love her! :)

I have a baby layout I made awhile ago but never got around to posting it. I thought today would be the perfect day for it. It's one of those 'blinged out' type of LO's, I wanted it to look really 'fancy' and 'pretty' compared to my usually cutesy style.
It's titled 'Queen of Daddy's Heart'
and Natalie was only 3 days old here, this was the day she came home from the hospital.

I really liked this one, I don't know why I waited so long to post it. The 'Queen' is welded together from the Once Upon a Princess cart and the 'of daddy's' is from Simply Sweet font cart, all of the flourishes are from the Stretch Your Imagination cart and welded to a big circle. I used printed transparencies for the corners and used eyelets to adhere them.

Since we were so busy yesterday I totally forgot to post my BBTB2 card! duh! the challenge was to use either ornament from the Winter Frolic cart and the sentiment 'Deck the Halls'..I didn't have a lot of free time, so my card is kinda simple..but cute! ;p I used the PK Snow Cuties.

A little bit of stickles makes it all better! ;p
Ok, almost done here! :)

I have 2 winners to announce!
The 1st winner is for the EAD Face Stickerz, I got 46 comments and the random winner is..
She said..
The faces are super cute.. I could use them in all the cards i make.. Your cards are super cute..
Woohoo! Congrats Theresa!

My 2nd winner is from the Advent Calendar Blog Hop.I got 222 wonderful comments and I'm so glad I pick the winner randomly because it would be so hard to choose a winner! You all had such sweet things to say! Thank you!  Ok, so the random winner is...
She said..
I love that you used little images - I want to do the same - so if you post the images that would be helpful. I know I only have a couple more days to make mine- I do not have any Peachy Keen stamps and they make the images whimsical and fun.
thanks Sheryl  
Woohoo! Congrats to Sheryl you won the Peachy Keen Princess Faces! yay!

(I will contact each winner, if I don't hear back in one week, I will have to pick another winner.)

Alrighty, you made it through my super long post! Thanks for popping in! Have a great day! :)


AmandaB said...

Wow, your layout is stunningly beautiful, and your card is absolutely adorable.. Yet, I have to say your little cutie pie in her Panda hat is the best of all.. Congrats to the face winners..


buglvr2010 said...

This layout is just beautiful and so is Natalie...her eyes, wow! One is a fun age...lots of things to watch them discover.

scrappymama said...

your baby is adorable! Happy 1stBirthday to her! Your lo is gorgeous and your card is way cute!!! TFS! and Congrats to the winners!

Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut said...

Awwh I LOVE this entire post! Natalie really puts a smile on my face I love being her Favorite Auntie! =) =) ;)

Your layout is gorgeous Joanna!! I love all the bling of course and nice transparency work, and I love your BBtB2 card those ornaments look super happy! Happy Birthday Natalie I can't wait till your party!

JennyKozar said...

Happy Birthday to that super cutie you have there! Oh that face just makes me smile.

Jenny Kozar

Melissa said...

Horray for Sheryl! I will stop by her blog and let her know she won!!!

Your daughter is adorable!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! Such a little doll and I just love the Panda hat. The photo of her with cake everywhere is adorable! You are going to have fun scrapping all of these photos!! Love the layout. And the card is just soooo cute!! :)

Jamie said...

awww.. your baby is so cute (i consider 1 still a baby :D).. I know EXACTLY how you feel about her growning up so fast.. My baby girl is gonna be 1 on Jan 11.. and I cannot believe it either.. they just grow up so fast. And that hat is SUPER Cute on her. Your layout is soooo beautiful.. very pretty. thanks for sharing.

Juicy Creations said...

Happy Birthday to you daughter.. she is so adorable. I love the layout. I cant believe i won.. thanks so much. i emailed you my contact info.. thanks again..

shanna13 said...

Your daughter is beautiful! My daughters bring me such joy! I love your card. Their faces are so whimsical. TFS Susan

Josie0602 said...

Your daughter is so cute!! I love her in that hat! I really like your card too. I will have my Snow Cuties in my hand tomorrow and I cant wait!!

- - Sheryl - - said...

I am so excited!!!! this is great - thanks ! and your layout is awesome!
luv2scrap44 at yahoo dot com

~JulieH~ said...

Happy 1st birthday Natalie! What a cutie you are and you're roght Joanna the time flies! I remember my sons 1st birthday like it was yesterday and he has just turned 17at the end of October!
Your layout is stunning and I love your challenge card this week, I'm just waiting for those same stamps to be delivered!

Savahanna said...

happy birthday to your adorable little girl. She is soo cute. love your LO and card. That Lo is gorgeous.

Audrey Frelx said...

Well, happy birthday to your little 1-year old cutie pie, and the layout is beautiful!!!

Congrats to Sheryl and your other winners too!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie!!

Love how you stamped faces on the ornaments. They are just darling!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Joanna, that precious DARLING! that panda hat is the cutest EVER! Happy Birthday to that little princess. Your layout brings tears to my eyes. So so SWEET! And I love your take on the BBTB2 challenge. Super cute! xxD

Heather said...

WOW that LO is amazing! So beautiful!

flowerdisco said...

Happy Belated Birthday to dear Natalie. Love the panda hat on her too.

CricutLvr!! said...

I absolutely LOVE your l.o!!! All the embellishments and the colors are absolutely amazing!! Super great job on this! and the pictures are super sweet 8)

yyam said...

Awww....your little girl is adorable! :)

liz said...

adorable layout! your daughter is beautiful! I'm so glad that you realize that time is flying oldest is 22 and my youngest is 20...and I can see both of them at 1 as if it was yesterday! in fact now I know why women lie about their age...they really arn't they just still feel as if they are in their 20's because they don't know where the time went!
liz :o)

Sentimental Scrapper said...

Love the layout and your daughter is adorable!!! Loved how you doodled and glittered your ornaments on the Christmas card. Too cute!!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie, from Natalie! Natalie means Child of Christmas and I looooooove my name, I hope she does! I hope it was a great day!!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to your little girl. She is adorable!!

Raven B said...

What a beautiful layout! It is really elegant you did a great job with it. LOVE IT.

4kids4 said...

Your layout is just gorgeous...and your daughter is adorable!! Time does babies just turned 7...I could have sworn they were just toddling around! TFS!

~Sharon C.

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