February 13, 2011

My Etsy shop is back!

Hi everyone!
I have good news!
I finally updated my Etsy's been MIA for awhile and my card stash is getting a little out of control, so I thought it was time to try and sell I need some funds to keep my stash growing! lol.. 
Please come and visit me, I've added a mini Etsy on my sidebar (on the left), I'm open to sell anything I make, so if you've seen something on my blog that you just can't live without, just let me know and I can list it just for you! :)

Thanks everyone for your support, I hope you all have a great Valentine's weekend!

P.S. I've been doing a little bit of spirng cleaning in my craft room and I will be listing some fun supplies that are new or lightly used! Look forward to seeing you all there! :)

Here's a few things I have listed so far, I will be listing more in the next few days!


Nhi P. Tran said...

LOL...I kind of went crazy and bought 3 cards. :] So happy that your shop is back.

Jennifer said...


Good job getting those listed (I know it's hard to find the time)! Ooh! I wish I had a holiday coming up (to put your pretties on my wish list)!!! ;)

How much for your incredible advent calendar (I'm still dreaming about it-it's the best I've ever seen!)?!

Crafty hugs,

partridgelu at yahoo dot com

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