March 22, 2011

Poll and other stuff..

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick with a few things...I have a handfull of new/newer cartridges I haven't had the time to play with yet..some I haven't used at all! 
So I wanted to take a poll and see which one you guys would like to see me use next.
Have fun voting! :) I will leave it open until tomorrow evening.

Which cartridge would you like to see me use next?

Also I have a special announcement to make on Friday! I'm super excited about it!
And I just noticed how close I am to reaching 1400 followers! woot! woot!! How about a giveaway when I reach 1400?? Help spread the word, invite your friends and I will get some goodies together! Thanks eveyone! You're awesome!


Monica Flores said...

No, Your awesome!!!! Can't wait to hear your big surprise!! We'll go to Disneyland to CELEBRATE!!!! lol

Kimberly said...

Oh, i think your the awesome one...I love following you to see what your up to. TFS!

4kids4 said...

1395??? Wow! That's amazing...good for you! Thanks for the nice note on my blog! :-)

~Sharon C.

Libby Beach said...

You're at 1400 mama!! Woo Hoo!! :) Congratulations!! :)

Latinacreativa said...

I missed the poll- but congrats on making it to 1400 followers!! Woot woot!

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