August 8, 2011

EAD Blog Hop

Hi everyone! Today we are starting the week off with an EAD Designs blog hop. You can start here, if you came from Jenn's blog you're in the right spot. Make sure to make your way through the hop for a chance to win some goodies! 
Today I'm sharing a super easy vinyl project. In my hall downstairs I have the laundry and the guest bathroom right next to eachother and when the doors are both closed people always get confussed to which is which, so I thought adding a laundry sign to the door would help. :)

My helper :)

She loves EAD vinyl!!


Now people wont get the laundry and bathroom confussed anymore! :)

I used the 
Laundry Oval Panel for my project today

Hope you like it, I love the look!

Ok, your next stop is to miss

Have a great day!

P.S. I also wanted to wish my DT sista ~Amy T.~ a happy birthday! :)


Sue D said...

Very practical use and looks lovely!

liz at liz's paper loft said...

great idea on the placement! I have the same doors and have been wanting that and the "loo"!

Jenny said...

What a GREAT idea! It looks great :)
I {heart} EAD Vinyl too :)


connie said...

What a great idea!

sharon g said...

Cute, and so easy!!

Stephanie Zito said...

Looks fantastic Joanna! I think I need some vinyl on my laundry room door too!

The Evans said...

very functional and super easy idea!

Lauren B. said...

So cute! I love your little helper's flower! ;)

~amy~ said...

Love it...and thanks for the birthday wishes girlie!!!

Lillian Child said...

That looks so easy to adhere, and anything to make laundry more fun works in my book!

Raven B said...

wow this is seriously fabulous!!!!

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