November 30, 2011

Christmas Canvas

Hi there! Sorry it's been a little quite around here. The holidays season is officially kicking my butt! lol..yesterday was Natalie's 2nd birthday and I'm planning her party for this weekend.

((Here's the birthday girl..she loves ketchup! lol))

....Thanksgiving was great..busy, but fun. And my Christmas shopping hasn't even started! yikes! So with all this business I feel like my craft room is just collecting dust right now. Hopefully after the new year I'll get some mojo back..but in the mean time I have been doing some Christmas decorating around the house. I made some easy canvas "paintings" using some EAD Designs vinyl.

This was my first attempt trying something like this....what I did was first cut some vinyl on my Cricut using the KISS settings, then applied the vinyl to the canvas (making sure to remove the negative pieces) and then painted the deers. let them dry and slowly peel off vinyl.

 Something went wrong inbetween painting the deers and peeling off the vinyl...if you look close you can see the paint kinda bleed after peeling off all  the vinyl I had to go back and touch up all the funky spots (being very careful!) the end..I think they came out cute and super afforadable! 
Hope you like 'em! :)

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liz at liz's paper loft said...

ohhh she is sooooo cute! and her hair is getting so long! you canvas pic's are too cute, love the simplicity of them! I feel the same way about time right now! I have so much going on and haven't spent as much time snooping and stalking as I would like :)

Creations by Shirl said...

Natalie is so pretty, love her eyes! and she's ready for the Christmas too with her cute dress....
Great project on the reindeers, they look complicated to do....

HappyPlaceJen said...

Your daughter is so pretty! Her eyes are beautiful! She looks all ready for Winter with her snow people jumper.
Love the deer canvases, Joanna! :) ~Jen

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